Business in Cagayan de Oro Business

We cannot say that Cagayan de Oro is at the back of its league, it is one of the most progressive cities in the Philippines. This city is not far from the cities in Luzon, moreover it is developing faster coping u with cities in the North. Cagayan de Oro is said to be the Business hub of Northern Mindanao Region and was recorded to have reached the annual income of 1.345 Billion Pesos in 2006. even call centers have paved their way here in Cagayan, like Concentrix, Arriba and Link2Support. But a big part of the city’s economy is still largely based on industry, trade service and tourism. These are the major financial sources of the city, and it has been sufficient for the city’s development.

CDO Investment Opportunities

There are several investment opportunities in Cagayan de Oro that are even supported by the government because they are said to be of help to the cities development. Some of this are:

  » Food Processing

It is said that food processing is highly invested here in CDO, cold storage, vapor heat treatment, Bottling and canning, Construction and operation of abattoirs, Packaging are some of the activities done in food processing.

  » Trade Infrastructure

Since we have many of the locals who do the blue colar job, another investment opportunity is Trade Infrastructure. Some of the activities are: Cargo forwarding, Consolidating, Customs brokerage, Upgrading of arrastre and stevedoring facilities, and Manpower services.

  » Agriculture, Forestry and Food

CDO has a lot of farmlands; with healthy soil we grow good crops with high quality. Investing on these activities has a high possibility of a good return. Cutflower production, Industrial tree plantation, fruits and vegetable production.

Maxendrea Hotel   » Infrastructure

We also have good opportunities in infrastructures since CDO is not yet fully developed. Development in the city are still on the way, making infrastructures good investments. Industrial estates, Industrial communities, Toll roads and highways, Bus terminals, Multi-level pay parking lots, Telecommunications, Water supply facilities, Waterways and sewerage systems, Wet markets, Solid waste disposal systems are some of the infrustructure business opportunities available in CDO.

  » Social Services

Public or social services are also high in CDO. Schools, Training and convention centers, Health service facilities, Vertical housing and residential condominiums, Rehabilitation centers and Retirement villages are seen by the locals and even tourist as a necessity. Investing on this activities largely help the city’s development.

  » Tourism

The largest business opportunity in CDO is tourism, since it is considered one of the tourist spots in the Philippines. Hotels, resorts and restaurants, Theme parks, Eco-tourism and Tourist transit services are some of the famous tourism activities given here in CDO. The city is also known for the Kagayan White water rafting. Because of the exciting strong current of the Cagayan River, department of tourism has approved rafting in Cagayan river that is now one of the most famous tourist places here.

by: Frances Margaret Quitco